Author Topic: Invitation to play War2 Insane Edition CO-OP (Multiplayer)  (Read 225 times)

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Hey buddies, its danny here.

This is a new mod that i did for Warcraft 2 that allows to play Cooperative Mode in Multiplayer (2 players), through all 4 campaign maps, but combined with my Insane Edition mod
(Solo Insane Edition mod available in:

This mod is based in one of my earliest mods called as Insane Edition, but the maps were tweaked in order to allow 2 players fit & play together, alongside all the map triggers that allow proper functionalities as if it was to be played in single mode.

Difficulty is the same as Solo insane edition, so in theory should be easier to beat these maps as 2 players instead if it was made by one player. All the maps are beatable & tested in Single player mode, up to its last version, but so then were used as a base to make this mod possible.

Not all maps are tested with their new implemented triggers to allow Single player functionalities AND not all maps were tested to see if the provided new resources are enough for 2 players to beat, but in theory they should.

Note at June 9th, 2024:
For now, only Human campaign from Tides of Darkness should be fully completed with Map triggers, but hopefully I can add up the rest of Campaigns
The reason I made this new mod thread is because it contains way more features, aside from patch v10 and it includes up to date almost all the added up new generation modding features in Warcraft 2 and my mods, including Road of heroes & DAIFE Boosted mod features.