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Oh hahahahaha you're so immature hahahahaha. Bitch.

I literally joined a game by mystical and I knew most of the other people, I played with them a lot, but I started asking you know COMMUNICATING "hey, is this a tvb? can I play" and nobody would say shit, but lpzcoldjack started trolling me, like he has been for the past few weeks, so as soon as the game started nobody has vision, they're all like "re re remake" and THEN I said I was building. So, mystical said "ban mana" and now he's being a little faggot trolling me too! Why would they want to remake and ban me if they had no idea I was even building, assuming I wasn't supposed to, not that anybody told me WHAT THE FUCK THE GAME WAS ABOUT IF NOT TO PLAY WITH 4v4. -_- I really really hate stupid fucking fake people.

Whoever unmuted me, well thanks, but dugs is talking at me and being a little douchebag fake male going "anyways, who something something" like I wasn't talking to him. I'm trying to hold him accountable and he's being a little cowardly faggot. He then proceeded to mute me because he's a little cowardly bitch who hits and runs. That's who he is. He isn't a man, he doesn't know how to take responsibility, he's a fucking pathetic piece of manipulative troll shit. He needs to grow up. Oh, but he gave me a "friendly reminder" to stop talking to him, and he's "sorry, but he is muting me." How pathetic! That's how a psychopath operates, they smile through their teeth like they're luring you into a false sense of security then murdering you. That's him!!!! that's who he is. Who the fuck ignores your communication like that, won't talk about the problem with you, but then drops lines like "friendly reminder" and "I'm sorry, but you're being muted" but a passive aggressive piece of shit troll? A TROLL. It's people like him who are the reason school shooters exist, sad but true.

How convenient, after I posted this, I was allowed to play and unmuted. However, after about 3 games, what happens? Barok is on my team, and he has 6+ grunts attacking into red at 9^ and I have a slow tower chipping away at my townhall. I say, because i didn't know who it was, I go by color, I said yellow help me. I asked several times, until finally my hall died and I looked at the name and who was it? Barok! he wasn't doing shit with his units, he was attacking into buildings that were being repaired, so he trolled me by doing that instead of saving me. As soon as I said dude, Barok why are you trolling me by not saving me, esn- goes "oh dude stfu" like that's all he knows how to say, and do, is run his fucking mouth when other people are having conversations. Then lpzwrath or something starts "oh lol stfu" too. It's like these little cocksuckers are trolling and dropping lines for reaction. What MAN gets into another person's conversation like that but a bunch of fucking piece of shit trolls. This shit has got to stop, I say ban their accounts with a message telling them not to be a little bitch.

I have been muted very unfairly, not being able to say my part, and it's all in regards to THIS post. Ultimately TK[as] is a fucking piece of manipulative shit bitch, a troll, and should not have admin privileges, or dugs for that matter. These are not respectable people, I don't care if they've paid you money, but they have to go. They do not allow free speech, or rational arguments. They throw a bunch of manipulative fake shit arguments at you, conclude them, and then talk at you. They are not rational, they're not even good people.

And I think Roam is an admin or something, but was talking simultaneously as tk[as] was trying to overwhelm me with other people talking at me at the same time, roam pulled up a random message as if "proof" that I was trolling chat where I said something like "if you're gay and you know it clap your hands" ..... from like 4 hours ago! as if that was some sort of damning evidence of my misbehavior! these people are trolling me and abusing their power. They're stacking games and being pieces of shit basically. I didn't do SHIT I tried to play the game and I called out people who were being manipulative. Punish them, not me.

And I constantly kept asking tk[as] to back up what he was saying, and not even in a challenging way, but more of like "please explain what you're meaning" and he was just jumping from point to point and NOW I CAN'T TALK IN CHAT TO ANYONE. THIS IS ABUSE. Tk[as] is telling people I'm off the rails and I'm thin skinned. he's fucking trolling me, and not respecting people, bullying and belittling them. He should be completely banned himself. He doesn't deserve respect or to be taken seriously. As soon as that happened, all the familiar names in this list were laughing in chat and patting him on the shoulder. They're TROLLS.

So apparently terrorkahn[as] is now tk[as] and is telling me he's an admin, and that he was in the game where esn- DEFINITELY WAS GOING TO LET ME PLAY. It all makes sense now, so my assertion that esn- was conveniently trying to convince people that he in fact " was letting me play" was a scam, because lo and behold, HE knew that tk[as] was terrorkahn[as] a moderator, but I didn't. So tk[as] decides to start talking shit to me in chat, and double teaming me with 2v1 conversation, which became 3, whereby people would dog on me and I had to defend just myself, but had to fight off 3 people. Pretty fair right? so the convenient esn- let's me "play" because he knew tk[as] was there, but then tk[as] comes to chat to make some irrational arguments, talk AT me intsead of to me, telling ME what to do and to "chill" rather than listen, to then dugs FINALLY coming to have conversation with me, after 4 hours of not talking to me, It's all too convenient when these admins want to make arguments they set up all their pieces to convince others that they have valid arguments, but what I think is that they're all full of shit and fake fucking people.

EDIT 3: and NOW tk[as] comes out of nowhere in the chat talking to me in blue letters I guess he's an admin? and he says that 1"every game I go into I call the host a fag" 2 he tells me my game record and says I'm "acting new." THEN he says I'm spamming the chat with bs. He's saying he's been "watching me" do it in the past 30 games. Yet, he never stood up for me being banned, never tried to facilitate communication or come to a resolution. If he's using an AKA he's one of the one's who were trolling me. He came at me in the chat just now to tell me what I'm doing, but he won't clarify his points at all, and ultimately said that I'm just spamming chat. So his supporting arguments for why I'm spamming chat, don't even make sense! you ever have somebody give you a bunch of irrational bullshit arguments when they are wrong, just because they want to TROLL YOU and get REACTIONS from you? that's tk[as], and I'm not sure why he's going out of his way to fuck with me now. If he was observing this, then he should have been THE MAN in town and let me play the game.

Here are the trolls I've discovered. lpzcoldjack, esn-, jade, silkyslim, Barok, dugs[anz], Rival, johnypoloko, frank_dux, Donger, and now comps. FUCK YOU FAKE ASS MOTHERFUCKING TROLLS.

And I tried to talk to terrorkahn[as] about the issue, and how rival was creating games only to give me afk allies so that I would either complain, or leave the game, and that's how he's stacking the game. Terrorkahn[as] then BLOCKS me like the pussy coward that he is, because that means he's complicit in this little scam trolling bullshit. Who else would do that? real people don't behave like that. GOOD people don't act like little petty fake females, and trolls. I thought this was a game, not a trolls paradise of grown men who have done not shit in their life. -_-

EDIT: Now, frank_dux is telling people that I'm "still crying" when I try to join games, so add him to the list of trolls who don't deserve to be taken seriously or respected. Ban these faggot fucking pathetic motherfuckers from playing games permanently if they're trying to make the community a toxic place to be. It's kind of weird to have grown men bully you...and by grown I mean like 50 somethings. Also, johnnypoloko is going around telling people to ban me. Here's the pattern I see. The original trolls usually 1-3 of them, then go somewhere else, and all these AKA's come around somehow with the same mindset and belief system, and talking exactly the same way that the trolls were, then come on to troll me, and make it appear as if it's more people who disagree with me, and who "see me as the problem." They're just wanna be social engineers, typical manipulative psychopathic fucking lowlife scumbags. Never have I had a problem with one person on here, and it not become someone else's problem, then someone elses.... it's like all these "grown" men can't handle their own problems, oh! I know why! because they're TROLLS. They hit and run like cowards then try to pawn off the problem on someone else who is trolling, and not trying to actually solve the problem, but just troll. TWO hours people, I've been on here for TWO hours and just being constantly trolled by these lowlife scumbags.

EDIT 2: So esn- decides to make some fake GOW game as if to convince people he's "letting me play" so johnypoloko the other troll who I don't know who he even is, who wasn't part of the original issue between me and esn-, and then unreal_western who I thought was pretty cool before. The people who I don't know, are sudden popping up and I'm allowed to play? but what about when I was trying to play with aagreen.goblin, and bigfoot7, and dudakurten and others! how come I didn't get to play with the friends I normally play with, then I keep joining the games like I have been trying to do, and finally esn- let's me join with all these sketchy AKA quiet motherfuckers? I start trying to talk to esn- about why he was banning me from the games, then johnnypolooko WHO I DON'T KNOW WHO THE FUCK THAT IS, starts running his mouth, jumping into the problem, speaking for esn- who he LETS. Now, as a real man, if somebody starts talking for me I will tell them to shut up, that it's my problem so stay out of it. And, as real men you should let real men talk business to each other. ANyways, I was talked over yet again, talked shit to, double teamed by people I didn't know, and guess what! he STARTED the game regardless of me trying to communicate with him. I told him in the chat I wasn't playing, yet he played the game anyways. I didn't build and they were talking AT me not to me, telling me it's 2v2 glhf, but I was like.... "yeah, I'm not building I told you dumbass I'm trying to ask why you were banning me." Then they're all like 'Ohhhh ban never again blah blah blah.' What a pathetic fucking piece of shit, seriously. Like I said, all these aka's start showing up when problems arise as if "more people agree with the trolls" to then try to overwhelm me, but the reality is, we've got a bunch of very very toxic psychopaths on here stacking games, and stealing time from good people.

lpzcoldjack, esn-,Rival, jade, silkyslim, Barok, dugs[anz] are TROLLING people, specifically me. It started with lpz, who then told esn- that I'm a troll who then arbitarily bans me from a full game to make room for a completely new player. Then I've got jade here acting like she didn't get my message about the trolling, and continues to play which means she's encouraging the bad behavior by not standing up. Then I was trying to explain but kept getting interrupted, and talked over and talked shit to, then called a troll and this and that. If these fucking faggots just listened to what I simply had to say in less than 10 seconds or less, instead of starting the game, then everything would be fine. Here's what happened! First I joined some GOW GOOD game, and it was 2v2, and my ally Barok wasn't playing, wasn't saying shit either, so I quit and then I joined a game by Rival CHOP 2 or something, seemed NORMAL, my ally was Barok again, and his was dugs I think. Before the game even began, I tried telling RIval in the chat thing "hey, Barok isn't playing he went afk." And Rival ignored me and started the game. The Chops game started and Barok DIDN'T play. So, I said in the game "this guy's afk I told you." so I vised everyone to prove it, then I quit. THEN CHOP 3 went up and again Barok joined. I said RIVAL wait, this guy is trolling by not playing and just joining. Rival ignores me again, and plays the game. The game starts and I wait a few seconds because I knew Barok wasn't playing, and after about 5 seconds... he builds. he does that because he sees I'm not building, then after the game while I'm fuming in the public chat, all the people in that game are all like "ohh, he was playing what are you talking about, he was playing the whole time, we just played." Yet, it's as if they didn't hear anyyyyything I said before. That being said, fuck these faggots, they are trolls, they deserve no respect from now on. I'm here to play the game, not play games with little egotistical manipulative psychopathic trolls who have nothing better to do than beg for attention and reactions from people. Not cool. I have been on here for 2 hours, and I can't seem to get in a second game. That's very odd don't you think? These people need to grow the fuck up, and stop with the little social club bullshit. Be of your own mind, just because somebody tells you to ban a person, doesn't mean you should. This game is supposed to be inclusive. You're supposed to be intelligent and include all people of all skill levels and know how to balance the teams accordingly, if you can't do that then you suck and you are not smart enough to really play, because you need handicaps like stacking teams to win. I'm very disappointed in these grown adults who act like pathetic children. Quit being angry pieces of shit, and trolling. Be here to play the game. It's not hard, life is easy.

Mr Available, how about a //iconchange ~fullmana~ PALI ??? :D :D :D :D :D :D would love you long time ;) ;)

Thank you for the list Mr. Moderator!!!!!! oh boy :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I love you!!!!!!! I've only ever been a panda on workwork, and now the SEPI hehe. Also, I have never done an ironman thing, I'm interested about that?

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